Mrs. Chileme Nwankwo Ihejirika (nee Ogbonna), a beautiful lady of extraordinary persona and gait, joviality, Christian faith, Timber and Caliber par excellence -a RARE BREED, Amazon and Iroko has fallen in Ụmụosisi, Amachiebe, Ọhọrọhọ Kingdom, Ovim, Isuikwuat LGA of Abịa State, Igbo Nation of Nigeria



Mrs.  Chileme Nwankwo Ihejirika's life albeit brief on earth  was eventually well lived with happiness, integrity, dignity, kindness, love, intelligence, generosity, discipline, tenacity, forthrightness, and wisdom.



Mrs.  Chileme Nwankwo Ihejirika, was born on August 20, 1951 as the second child, but first daughter of Pa Peter Eleweke Ogbonna of Agbonkokoro,  Ụmụchiọba, Ọbayi, Ovim. However, in 1956, merely five(5) years old, our dear mother, Mrs. Nnenna Ogbonna passed on to Eternal Glory leaving behind three siblings, Mazi Ogbonna (7), Chileme (5) and Ndubuka (3 months). From then, life became a steep climb for motherless children and their  far away, busy father, Pa Peter Eleweke Ogbonna.



It is not a hyperbole that Chileme navigated the “Motherless Terrain” with a great difficulty as a female whose furtherance in life was based on pure chance for early marriage instead of proper formal educational training. Though very exceptionally hardworking and academically brilliant, Chileme’s entreaties for further formal education were totally rebuffed with regrettable reckless discrimination. Minus the educational hiccup, Chileme's social and moral upbringing centered around  tenacious intervention of family members too numerous to mention but included  two grandmothers, Mrs. Ahudia Ogbonna (paternal), Mrs. Ọgọma Ajaero (maternal), Pa Abraham Ejiọfọ Ukwu, Iya m, late Mrs. Akugbo Iroegbu, late Aunt, Mrs. Mgbechi Ogueji Kanu, brother Iheanacho Ukwu, young step-mother, Mrs. Ego Ogbonna and Nmanma m, Mrs. Ndubuego Ekeleme who apart from her steadfast caring shuttled us regularly to Enugu to be with our father before the civil war broke.


In  1967, barely 16 years, Chileme  became Mrs. Nwankwo Ihejirika. Despite all prevailing odds then, God transformed Chileme to become an iconic and outstanding wife  of High Chief Nwankwo Ihejirika of apex  Ụmụosisi, Amachiebe, Ọhọrọhọ Kingdom, Ovim, Isuikwuat LGA of Abịa State, Nigeria. Mrs. Chileme Nwankwo Ihehirika's  intellect, wisdom,  fearlessness, vigor and outspokenness for justice, equity and  fairness for "Okonkwo na Mgbafo" distinguished her as a go-getter fashioned to shape and upgrade  the status of her new family to a higher pedestal. To faint-hearts and fence-sitters, her steadfastness, straight shooting stance, uprightness and hardworking tendencies may have been misconstrued or controversial at one point or the other. As a matter of fact, such visible attributes of Mrs. Chileme Nwankwo Ihejirika  were the  spring board that catapulted her into earliest acceptance in their community prompting the proverbial love at first sight by her entire community. The love of her husband  and  relationship of her community bloomed into personal respect and  trust. Additionally, her new family quickly adjusted to her determined focus for success when God multiplied  blessings to  her and husband with four adorable children, namely Nnenna (after her mother), Iheanacho, Ijeoma and Onyekachi.



 Chileme was my jolly-good junior sister and we shared a pet name, "Nne Innaa ya ooh"- (Grand mother this soup is super delicious).  She loved good life and she worked very hard to cater for her children, husband and extended relatives. She also dreamed large for the upliftment of society at large. One of her  burning desires was to utilize her staunch cooking skills to support and train her children and she succeeded. Mrs. Chileme Nwankwo Ihejirika juggled family and rearing her beloved children with a second to non business acumen for success. She was the spark plug, high octane gas and catalyst that transformed a  simple business flick  into a raging inferno of success that catapulted her family into "landlordship" in commercial Enyimba City of Aba. That was a feat of extraordinary propensity judging from her limited education and inheritance.. Take it from me, her burning desire to help train her family far beyond the opportunity denied her was her propelling force and God sanctioned it in toto with many graduates to showcase in her household. 



Mrs. Chileme Nwankwo Ihejirika will be greatly missed by  her loving husband, High Chief Nwankwo Ihehirika and adorable children, relatives, fellow Parishioners,  in-laws, colleagues, friends, entire Ohoroho Kingdom and Ovim Community at large.  My family will miss her tremendously because she was a strong and dependable pillar who pitched me very high as her senior brother and by default her  father with relevance. How can I or anybody forget her gracious and giving spirit? She single-handedly nursed and took care of our maternal grandmother for her last eleven years on mother earth. Unfortunately, I have not been able to repay her adequately. Thank you for covering my many shortcomings, nay emptiness.   


My Mother and Sister, Mrs. Chileme Nwankwo Ihejirika, you ran your race in life vigorously and meritoriously  punctuated with  exemplary overtones worthy of emulation by everybody. You were a gentle trail-blazer and a champion who excelled without pomp and braggadocio. You were a true inspiration to many including naysayers . Also, in all indexes of endeavors and achievements in life you dusted many including me  given a lot of opportunities you never had. Despite the setbacks emotionally and otherwise, you beat me hands down. However I never banked you will also beat me to making Heaven. Now that you have; it is a testament that God who knows BEST is in total CONTROL. God's WILL is beyond human comprehension. We remain loyal and prayerful. Your victory lap and trophy are now with  Lord Almighty  who has crowned you with everlasting "goodies" of life in His Celestial Palace. Nowhere in Ụmụosisi, AmachiebeỌhọrọhọ Kingdom, Ovim or entire world can match the "Heavenly Bonnvita" you're now enjoying with your maker.



My entire immediate and external families will forever honor your Legacy of Love, Peace and Generosity.



Though we mourn for missing you in our immediate horizon, we celebrate your life with full faith in God  that you're now in  a promotion to Heaven.  God who knows the best will continue to strengthen your husband and children you loved so much. May the good Lord continue to grant your husband, children, and a host of others that you loved dearly the fortitude to bear the irreplaceable loss. You are fondly loved and we will continue to miss you until we meet to part no more.



Safe Trip, my sister, CHILEME!

Safe Trip, Ada Pa Peter Eleweke Ogbonna

Safe Trip Ada Ụmụchiọba, Ọbayi, Ovim

Safe Trip Adaukwu  Ovum

Safe Trip Adaukwu  ISUIKWUATO


Laa n'udo Nyo High Chief Nwankwo Ihejirika



Mazi Ogbonna and family. 

Nnenna Ogbonna (Sister-in-law)

Mazi Ogbonna (Nephew)

Ikechukwu Ogbonna (Nephew)

Uchechi Ogbonna (Nephew)

Ezeikel Ogbonna (Grand Nephew)

Domnick Ogbonna (Grand Nephew)

Keziah Ogbonna (Grand Niece)

ZaraChioma Ogbonna (Grand Niece)


Agbonkokoro,  Ụmụchiọba, Ọbayị, Ovim, Isuikwuatọ LGA, Abia State, Nigeria.







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