3 minutes | 611 words

  Ndubuego      (Girl) · 

Life is Precious like money

 Ndubuisi        (Boy)   

Life is  First(Paramount)·           ·        

Ndubuka       (Boy) ·

Life is  Paramount         

Ndukakụ       (Unisex)

Life is more important than wealth   ·           ·        

Ndulue         (Boy) 

Hope life continues   

Ndukwe    (Boy) 

If Life Permits           

Nebechi   (Girl) 

Look upon God    

Nnenna    (Girl) 

Father's Mother    


Ngozi      (Girl) ·        


Nonso   (Girl) ·        

God is near me  

Nnanna  (Boy) ·        

Paternal grand Father    

Nnamdi (Boy) 

Father is alive Father is living   

Nnaemeka   (Boy) ·        

God has done Great  

Nwachukwu  (Boy) ·        

Child of God    

Nwagbara   (Boy) ·        

Child of Deity    

Nwaolisa   (Boy) 

Child of God

Olisa = God 

Nwafọ      (Boy) ·        

Born on Afọ Market Day      

Nwankwọ   (Boy) ·       

Born on Nkwọ Market Day  

Nweke      (Boy)   


Born on Eke Market Day  

Nworie      (Boy)   


Born on Orie Market Day  

Nwakaego   (Girl) ·        

A Child greater than Money    

Nwakauba   (Boy)         

A Child greater than wealth    

Nwakadibịa  (Boy) 

A Child greater than a Native Doctor    


Nwọra       (Boy)   

A child for All. Ambassador  

 Nkemakọlam   (Boy) 

Mine will not be lacking    

Nkemdirim     (Boy) 

What I own remains mine    

Nkemdilim    (Boy) 

What I own remains mine  


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